Japanese mini film show (Blu-ray)

Published on Aug 23, 2022

Co-presented by Japan Foundation

Every Day a Good Day

Date: Friday 30 September

Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: Robert Rendall Building in Stromness

Free admission – no need to book

Depicts the protagonist learning important life lessons through the tea ceremony, based on essayist Morishita Noriko’s long-selling book. Directed by Omori Tatsushi of The Ravine of Goodbye and starring Kuroki Haru of The Little House with costar Kiki Kilin of Shoplifters. At the recommendation of her mother, 20-year-old Noriko (Kuroki) and her cousin Michiko (Tabe Mikako) start taking tea ceremony lessons with Takeda, who has a reputation for being an extraordinary teacher. At first, Noriko is confused by the intricate rules, but after two years, she comes to realise the profundity of the tea ceremony.

Directed by OMORI Tatsushi

Produced by YOSHIMURA Tomomi
                        KANAI Takaharu
                        KONDO Takahiko

Cast:  KUROKI Haru – Noriko
         KIKI Kilin – Mrs TAKEDA
         TABE Mikako – Michiko

Release Date: October 13, 2018

Running time:100 min
Genre: Drama
Screening Format: Blu-ray

Screening with Subtitles: English

© 2018 “Every Day a Good Day” Production Committee


Date: Sunday 2 October

Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Venue: Kirkwall Grammar School 

Free admission – no need to book

Young girls stand up to face a global crisis in this fantasy anime commemorating the sixteenth anniversary of Toei Animation.

Miyahara Naoki, who has worked on the “Pretty Cure” series among others, directs. Third year middle-schooler, Isumi (voice: Seto Asami) finds a “fragment of time” at the ocean. Upon picking it up, she sees an unknown world stretching out before her and encounters a strange life-form calling itself a Pokon. The Pokon tells her the world’s time is in danger of breaking down, and so with four other girls, attempts to circumvent the crisis

Directed by MIYAHARA Naoki

Produced by MATSUI Toshiyuki, KANEMARU Yu

Cast: SETO Asami – KOMINATO Isumi

         IZAWA Shiori – HIOKA Aoi

         TANEZAKI Atsumi – TOMODATE Konatsu

         OZAWA Ari – OMICHI Asahi

         KUROSAWA Tomoyo – TSUKUI Saki

Release Date: December 23, 2016
Running Time: 95 min

Genre: Animation

Colour: Colour

Screening Format: Blu-ray
Screening Format with Subtitles: English

Movie rating: PG

(c)TOEI ANIMATION / POP IN Q Partners 2016

Dad’s Lunch Box

Date: Fri 7 Oct

Time: 18:00 – 20:00
Venue: Kirkwall Grammar School 

Free admission – no need to book

A daughter posted a Tweet about her bento box lunch made by her father, which brought 350 thousand people to tears on Twitter. This is a heart-warming, touching true story of the father and daughter who lived an ordinary life. The father kept making bento for his daughter through three years of high school, and she ate it for lunch every day. In the last bento in her high school days, she found a picture of “the very first bento that her father had made for her” with a handwritten message from him. The father and the daughter who were connected by bento lunch. The Tweet was retweeted more than 80 thousand times and got 260 thousand “likes.” This touching true story is now made into a film. Toshimi Watanabe got his first starring role in this film. Rena Takeda played the daughter role. The modest story of the father and daughter, made from a Tweet on Twitter, will surely bring tears to people’s eyes all over Japan.

Theatrical Release Date: June 10, 2017 © 2017


Directed by Masakazu Fukatsu

Cast: WATANABE Toshimi – Dad

TAKEDA Rena – Midori

Release Date: June 10, 2017

Running Time: 76 min

Genre: Drama
Feature Colour: Colour

Screening Format: Blu -ray

Screening Format with Subtitles: English

©2017 “DAD’S LUNCH BOX” Film Partners